Regal Limousine Service - Prom Services

Picture this... a shiny, black, stretch limousine pulls up to the front door at exactly the right time. The chauffeur, impeccably attired, complete with cap and gloves, exits the vehicle and awaits your instructions, ready to assist as photos are taken. He assists the young ladies and gentlemen into the vehicle. The vehicle is spectacularly appointed with an sound system, video screens, party lighting and a few other items to help get the party started. You arrive at the prom location and stay seated until your personal chauffeur opens your door and guides you out of the vehicle. You have made a Regal arrival!



While you are at the prom, your chauffeur will be standing by to whisk you to your next destination. Regal Limousine Service has been providing safe, enjoyable prom service since 1983. We understand how special and important your prom is to you. Only our most experienced specialty chauffeurs are given the honor of serving proms.


We have a package to meet your needs. Please call one of our prom specialists at 800-709-3500 for more information.